5 Electrical Renovations That Will Make Your Life Easier



5 Electrical Renovations that will make your Home your Happy Place. No one thinks electrical renovations are exciting. But did you know how much easier your like would be if you make the right ones?

A renovation is an exciting opportunity to make your home your own personal heaven.

One of the ways you can do that is through your electrical system.

We know what you’re thinking: that’s nowhere near as exciting as adding an island or a fireplace.

There are actually several electrical renovations and upgrades that will not only make your home safer and more convenient, but will give you a thrill every time you come home.

1. New Audio and Entertainment System Wiring

We love our music, television, movies, and video games. Who among us hasn’t binge-watched our favourite Netflix original?

As we get more and more gadgets designed to entertain us, wires and plugs can rapidly get out of control.

Use a renovation to take your entertainment system from ‘oh man’ to ‘oh wow!’

First, make sure your living room/entertainment centre is on its own power circuit if you have a lot of things that need to be plugged into the wall. You don’t want to be reliant on extension cords or power bars. Not only is this bad for your circuit, but it just looks messy.

Next, think about your audio. Are you someone who likes to listen to music on a daily basis? A distributed audio system is a great way to listen, wherever you are in the house. Speakers can be discreetly installed in the walls or ceilings

Now you’ve got a great audio and entertainment system that can actually handle your demands.

To quote Gladiator, “are you not entertained?”

2. Safe, Well-Planned Outlets

Your outlets are almost never exactly where you need them to be. A renovation is your chance to change that. If you don’t think that’s exciting, think about all the cords you’ll be able to tidy up and even hide!

According to the current code, you’re allowed a maximum of 12 receptacles/outlets per 15 amp general power circuit. This means you’ll have to do a bit of planning about what you want each outlet to accomplish.

Cool Feature: If you’re someone with a lot of gadgets, consider outlets with USB ports built right in. There are perfect for charging your devices - not to mention convenient.

One thing all your outlets should have in common is an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) or a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

AFCIs will cut power to a circuit if the electrical current arcs due to accidental contact between wires. An arc creates a lot of heat, and is a serious fire hazard without an AFCI.

GFCIs are similar, but protect you by monitoring the input and output of electricity. This helps prevent electric shocks. GFCIs are required to be installed near water - for example your bathroom or laundry room.

These outlets will help protect you against electrical fires and personal injury, making your home a safer environment.

3. LED Lighting Design

1 LED light can operate for 25,000 hours (residential, indoor). That’s equivalent to 25 incandescent lightbulbs.

Almost everyone has switched to LED lightbulbs. But now it’s time for a whole new lighting design.

Now imagine that we can design for you a whole new layout with pot lights, LED rope lights/strips, and gorgeous accent lights that are specifically designed for each room and the things you’ll be doing there.

A great example is your kitchen. Chances are (especially if you’re in an older home) you have one or two lights in your kitchen for everything - but that has never worked! You need lights for cooking, lights for dining, and lights for entertaining.

An LED lighting design will make every room more functional, more beautiful, and often lower your electricity bills.

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4. Whole Home Surge Suppression

Surges are caused by inclement weather, failed distribution equipment, and even malfunctioning appliances in your own home.

A whole home electrical surge could cause thousands of dollars in damage to appliances. That’s why we recommend including a whole-home surge suppressor in your electrical renovations.

This will protect your home from electrical surges, and could save you a lot of money on replacement costs.

5. A Smart Security System

Smart homes are the latest wave in technological trends, and that includes smart security systems.

These will typically include remote operation capabilities from your phone, and allow you to monitor alarms, sensors, and other aspects of your home security through one interface.

A smart security system will also integrate nicely with other smart systems - systems that allow you to control your lights, your locks, and even your heat! That means less time spent fiddling with your keys and the thermostat.

This is an electrical upgrade that is all about convenience. We can walk you through what is involved in making your home a smart home, and help you select the right brand.

Have Your Panel and Wiring Inspected

When you renovate, you should have your electrical panel and wiring inspected.

If you’re adding more space - or more appliances - an electrical panel upgrade is a great investment. You’ll have more power, more convenience, and more options to add more appliances in the future. Just imagine having all your kitchen appliances on one circuit, and being able to do everything at the same time!

Professional electricians like the ones at Sun Solar & Electrical Ltd. can not only complete this inspection and any installations, but they can help with other electrical renovations on your list.

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