A Process to Protect Your Investment


LivingScape Homes & Renovations' process is based on a full-disclosure, fully transparent, cost-plus model.  Many other contractors will provide you a project "quote" or "estimate" prior to a thorough design phase being completed, which are typically based on numerous assumptions which are inevitably modified as the project progresses.  To compensate for these modifications, these contractors will then justify price changes or will charge "change order" fees accordingly.  This makes it very difficult for the homeowner to truly know in advance what their project will ultimately cost.  As a design/build firm, we prefer to take a more collaborative approach with our clientele because we believe that it is a far better way to ensure the success of your project, and your satisfaction upon completion.  

After an initial meeting to determine the nature and scope of your project, we will provide a budgetary figure with which to work towards.  Once the budget is established and agreed upon, our design team takes over and works with you to develop a full set of specifications and drawings.  After the design phase is complete, we then provide a full breakdown of all line item costs according to your specifications.  Assuming you are satisfied with the final cost breakdowns, the demolition and/or construction phase commences.  However, should you wish to make changes to accommodate your budget or tastes prior to construction, we are happy to work with you to modify or tweak the drawings or specifications to meet your goals - no change fees, no penalties, no problem.  

Our process operates with the transparency of builder cost, plus a management fee.  There are many benefits to LivingScape's transparent, cost-plus model:

  • You benefit from our contractor-discounted pricing on labour, products, and materials. Those savings are passed directly on to you.

  • There is never a reason for us to take shortcuts or hide any problems encountered with the existing structure. If we find something that requires attention, we will advise you.

  • With our full-disclosure cost-plus model, you can be assured that we won't "bid low" to get the job, then increase the price later with change orders. We collaborate with you to get you the most for your renovation/building dollars, and we will always strive to under-promise and over-deliver.

  • You pay the trades and suppliers directly, meaning you know they have been paid thus eliminating the possibility of any builder liens.

  • You receive detailed originals of all trade and supplier invoices for warranty and record-keeping purposes.

  • With our collaborative process, it allows for changes to orders and add-ons for your project without premiums, with the same margins as the primary scope of work.

Payment terms are typically scheduled pay periods, based on actual costs in place and work completed. With our full-disclosure Project Management process there is no advance payments, except to suppliers for custom ordered products.

The management fee is the only fee we charge.  All payments, except management fee are paid directly to trades and suppliers at quoted builder pricing/actual costs.